I’ve been talking to the angels for along time now; they bring me joy, hope and frustration. I still remember the times I had a normal quiet life, how I would spend my weekends shopping and going out with my friends. Then my Birthday came and my cousin brought me my first book on angels. Well I read this book and the exercises at the end on how to meet your guardian angel. I was intrigued, would I really have a guardian angel would an angel really want to come and talk to me. How would I hear them, all these thoughts crossed my mind. Then I thought well other people talk to theirs so why shouldn’t I. I read the instructions at the back of the book and threw the book away thinking there must be an easier way. And lo there was. I sat on my bed asked a golden bubble to come and cover me and keep me safe and then asked my angel to step forward and asked for a name. I felt this lovely tingling on my head (ok it wasn’t so lovely it felt like a lots of spiders crawling on my head!) but I had felt something and that was enough for me. I also got a name, Michael then I heard pen and paper, so I got a pen and some paper and started writing, except it wasn’t me writing, for a starters I was writing with my left hand and I am right handed, and the writing wasn’t mine. We talked for hours this way, I was getting answers to questions, and they told me a prayer my mother said for me every night, I asked her about this and she confirmed that it was word for word. And so my life with the angels had begun.

I no longer use pen and paper when I’m talking with the angels, I can hear them quite clearly in my head. Ok, now you’re thinking I’m totally nuts and can hear voices in my head. Well listen carefully to yourself and you will hear your angels talking to you.

Now you’re going to ask, well how do I know its my angels talking and not me talking to myself. Simple, listen to the terminology that they use, if you a voice saying, I or me, then that is yourself talking. If you hear you and your then its your angels. Also when the angels are talking take note of the feelings that you get when you talk to them.

But it didn’t stop there, oh no! Once they knew I could hear the they didn’t stop talking. Suddenly the quiet life I had been living was no more .. gone was the weekends of doing nothing but shopping now it was all work work work. Their first mission for me was to become a Spiritual Healer, so off on the courses I went, it was while I was on this course I had brought some Angel Cards and started to give readings to friends and family and somehow without even using the book I knew what they all meant. So me being the brave soul I am took my cards along to my course and offered to give readings during our lunch break, so impressed were they that they made me attend my first fayre as an angel card reader. I was really afraid that no-one would come for a reading that I brought some angel gifts to sell. Well not only was I swamped all day with customers for readings I also sold pretty much all the items I had brought, and so another avenue was formed, Something Angelic, where we sell Angelic gifts of all shape and sizes, and now I attend exhibitions and fayres up and down the country selling my angelic gifts and giving angel card readings.

In 2005 I attended an Angel Energy Healing Course in Ireland and found that this compliments my spiritual healing remarkable well, this also opened up my next avenue, Angel Courses, so I started running my own courses.  Over the next few years I trained in Reiki, Shamanic journeying and Shamanic house clearances, Soul Midwifery, Theta Healing and recently Angel Reiki.

Inviting angels into your life isn’t hard, just have an open mind and away you go. I have on this site included a simple exercise to contact your Guardian Angel. Have a look and have a try, its not that difficult and once you have contacted your Guardian Angel you’ll never look back.

Light and Love