Don’t you think our world is a strange place? It’s full of uncertainty and change. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about it wars, terrorism, floods and famine, so it is nice to know that amongst all this chaos there is one constant factor, something that will never ever change no matter what we do – the Universal source of Love.

Whatever your background, whatever your beliefs; religious or otherwise you have this magnificent source of assistance, guidance and love just waiting for you and that is your Guardian Angel, who was given to you on the day you were born and who will stay with you until the moment you die and who will lead you to the beyond. This is a gift, which we can either accept or ignore, but no matter what we choose, our Guardian Angels will always be there with us, and will never leave our side.

Angels are messengers of God, Beings of light, and are everywhere. They act as intermediaries between humankind and the Divine. They are healers, protectors, bearers of information; sources of joy, our guardians, but most of all they are our friends. They know us better then we even know ourselves. They will never judge us, never tell us off, and no matter what we do they will never stop loving us.

Everyone can see and speak to their Guardian Angel, but as time goes on and we grow up this ability for some is lost. But even though you cannot see or hear them anymore they are still there. I heard a lovely story once that explains why we all have a little grove above our mouth and below our nose (the Philtrum). This is called an Angels kiss. The day were born we can all remember what happened in the angelic world, but your Guardian Angel comes to you and puts his finger there to make you forget for a while.

Belief in Angels is not tied to any particular religion, and the best bit is you do not have to be a religious person to believe in them. Mainstream religions may seem to be on the decline, but angels are now at the forefront and have taken the lead in the rising interest of all things deamed ‘spiritual’.

By inviting Angels into our daily life and receiving the guidance of our Guardian Angel we reconnect with the Divine within each of us. We are all special and loved and have Guardian Angels protecting us, who are ready to assist in the lightening of our life, from whatever burdens we have, if we only ask.

What are Angels?

Some places describe Angels as ‘A spiritual or celestial being sent to earth to relay a message to a person, serve as a protector or help them in their transition into the afterlife.’ And this is just what they are.

Angels were created to love and to serve all unconditionally. In doing so, Angels hold a focus of pure love throughout the Universe and are therefore able to set up a vibration of pure love wherever it is needed.

Angels are everywhere and you can ask for Angels to assist you with anything you wish. There is no limit! Angels are bound by the laws of Free Will. Therefore, they can not assist us in our lives unless we ask them too. So, don’t forget to ask!

Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel sometimes two or three. (Some people think that you also have a Soul Guardian Angel as well but thats a subject for another day.) A Guardian Angel is a being that is dedicated to serve and to help you throughout your lifetime.

Your Guardian Angel has absolute dedication to you and travels with you on every journey that you choose to make. Your Guardian Angel makes an agreement with your soul/higher self to assist it in completing any task it has decided to undertake. This is the reason why Angels have been known to make miraculous rescues from accidents. If your soul/higher self has decided to remain focused on the Earth Plane for a given length of time, an Angel will assist in getting someone out of trouble who’s ‘time is not up’. Angels and their miracles are God’s way of remaining anonymous.

Angels are to be found in every corner of the Universe. If you could see Angels with the naked eye, you would be amazed at just how many angel are really here amongst us. Have you ever felt a breath of cool air brush along your cheek when alone somewhere, or a tingling on the top of your head? That might very well have been an Angel moving aside as you walked into a group of Angels!

There are Angels for just about every function you can think of, and many more besides. There is no limit to how many Angels you can have in your life and there is no limit to what you may ask for! You can ask Angels to assist you with any project, problem or issue you may have. You may call upon Angels whenever you wish to and for whatever purpose provided that the purpose is not intended to hurt or injure anyone or the Earth itself.

Here are just some of the things that you can ask the Angels:

  • To fill your home with love
  • To watch over your children at school
  • To travel with you on journeys
  • To find a parking space
  • To find a shopping bargain
  • To help you when you are trying to stop smoking or are trying to lose weight
  • To take care of or fix your computer

There is no limit to what you may ask an Angel to do for you. I have heard people say, that is what I can’t understand how can there be angels for everything, simple angels are here to help us, so no matter what we need help with there will always be an angel to help.

By simply getting used to blessing that you experience and through asking Angels to be present everywhere in your life, you will begin to embody Angelic qualities in your life. You will be more open to the love and abundance of the Universe. You will begin to experience more joy, health and laughter as you sense the wings of Angels as they fly around every aspect of your life.

Just remember as I said before, angels are bound by the laws of Free Will …so if you want their help just ask.