On May 25th the Witchcraft Act was replaced with the Fraudulent Mediums Act. This act states that Lightworker’s like me working in the UK and EU are required by law to display a statement on our websites saying that we are an ‘Entertainment’

Well there I’ve said it (kind of!)… now for my declaimer, this law is total rot, those who know me and know what I can do, know that this is far from Entertainment. I use my gift to offer guidance and help to those that need it and it’s up to the individual to believe what they want to.

The SWA is currently petitioning the government to get this law altered. Watch this space for more information or go to www.theswa.org.uk.

However, please note that the readings I give are for guidence and the healing I offer of a spiritual nature and should no way be considered as proper medical attention, if you are unwell, please consult with your doctor.