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Angels are our silent friends
They walk beside us every day
Loving and watching over us
Keeping us out of harms way
A friend who’s very special
A guardian from above
Who helps us through our troubles
And surrounds us with their love
Although unseen & unheard
Somehow we know they’re there
And they’re never ever far away
Just at the end of a prayer

Silent friends that walk beside us
Every single day
Loving and watching over us
Keeping us out of harms way
A friend who’s very special
A Guardian from above
Who helps us through are troubles
And surrounds us with their love
And although we can not see them
We know that they are there
And we will never be alone
Because are angel will always care

Jessica Barrow

“Angels guide us to become spiritual people
for the pleasure of it, not for its moralism,
because the spiritual life itself has a great deal
of beauty and real satisfaction, even pleasure.
And this is what the soul needs.”

Thomas Moore

Angels In My Heart

When I have no one to turn to
And I am feeling kind of low
When there is no one here to talk to
And no where I really want to go
I search deep within myself
It is the love inside my heart
That lets me know my Angels are there
Even though we are many miles apart
A smile then appears upon my face
And the sun begins to shine
I hear a voice, so soft and sweet
Saying, ‘Everything will be just fine’
It may seem that I am alone
But I am never by myself at all
Whenever I need my Angels near
All I have to do is call
An Angel’s love is always true
On that you can always depend
They will always stand behind you
And will always be your friend

Author Unknown

Hear Our Call

Children of the earth hear our call
We are calling you to our aide
The time has come to stand and fight
and bring this earth back to the light

Darkness slowly covers the land
We ask you now to come and stand
United in our holy quest
and bring the earth back to the light

With your help and our guidance
the light will come and remain forever
Walk tall and be happy
Send light and love to all

With joy in your hearts
and friendship to all
we will be victorious
Just hear our call

Given to MC by the Angels

May Angels Rest

May Angels Rest Beside Your Door,
May You Hear Their Voices Sing,
May You Fell Their Loving Care For You,
May You Hear Their Peace Bells Ring,
May Angels Always Care For You,
And Not Let You Trip Or Fall.

May They Bear You Up On Angel’s Wings,
May They Keep You Standing Tall,
May They Whisper Wisdom In Your Ear,
May They Touch You When You Need,
May They Remove You From Each Trace Of Fear,
May They Keep You From Feeling Greed,
May They Fill You With Their Presence,
May They Show You Love Untold,
May They Always Stand Beside You,
And Make You Ever Bold.

May They Teach You What You Need To Know
About Life Here And Here-After,
May They Fill You Always With Their Love
And Give You The Gift Of Laughter.

Author Unknown

“O, speak again, bright Angel, for thou art as glorious to this night, being o’er my head, as in winged messenger of heaven unto the white-upturned wond’ring eyes of mortals that fall back to gaze on him, when he bestrides the lazy puffing clouds, and sails upon the bosom of the air.”

William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet